Questioning metaphors in immunology – an exploratory workshop

Questioning metaphors in immunology – an exploratory workshop


” In Bidarte, April 2015, AJA organized a workshop involving artists and scientists to question metaphors in immunology. This workshop was co-organized with the two artists Mathilde Chenin and Anna Principaud, and funded by AJA. It is the first of a series of workshop that AJA will organize, entitled “another research is possible.

During this week, we transparently shared our respective research practices, and how this knowledge is produced and communicated. We also discussed the metaphors currently used in immunology and shared the places where we think they fail to describe our knowledge.

Such discussions highlighted the need for a transparent reflexion and communication about metaphors, in order to find a critical distance, allowing for a diversity of metaphors and representations to be used, invented, shared.

These discussions resulted in the production of tools/activities that were shared with the public of the Bidart science festival, for example a game on how to tell stories from data, the lymphocyte danse etc…

We all felt the need to go beyond this first encounter between two communities in order to pursue the reflexion and the production of tools for other scientists and artists. We will surely continue this exploration in the coming months. More pictures below, to metaphor further 😉 ”

Participants of the workshop :
François Asperti-Boursin, chercheur en immunologie, Albuquerque, USA; Minia Bibiany, artiste plasticienne, Mexico D.F., Mexique; Blandine Bussery, artiste plasticienne, Brest, France; Pierre Daugy, artiste plasticien et danseur, Bruxelles, Belgique; Feline Dijkgraaf, chercheuse, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas; Uri Hershberg, enseignant-chercheur, Drexel University, Philadelphie, USA; Violeta Salvatierra García de Quirós, chercheuse en danse, Université Paris 8, France.


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