A Thing or Two about a Thing or Two, a.k.a. Science

A Thing or Two about a Thing or Two, a.k.a. Science

by Barbara Ehrenreich

“Science and rationality must not give way before this new view of reality and slouch off the stage. We have to engage with it, keep watching and probing and trying to understand it. For some of us, that enterprise, a.k.a. science, remains one of the most compelling forms of play we can engage in.

Is there a “play principle at the basis of all physical reality,” as Graeber so daringly suggests? I am drawn to this idea as a metaphysical speculation, so long as we remember that play has no moral valence. It can be elegant, it can be rough, it can be deadly—or all those things at once. But if we want a category of activity that embraces both subatomic particles and carnival goers, then we may as well call it play. And if we want to know what God is doing, should there be such an entity, and why he (or she or it) is doing all this, our best guess is that he is playing.”

From The Baffler


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