Poiesis & Gnosis: #rhodesmustfall and #cadaanstudies

Poiesis & Gnosis: #rhodesmustfall and #cadaanstudies

by Keguro Macharia

“A cold—and the fuzzy thinking it produces—makes me unable to map, if only briefly, how black scholars have engaged with the politics of knowledge. Such a map would engage questions of who produces knowledge, who distributes knowledge, who values knowledge, where knowledge is produced, where knowledge is distributed, and where knowledge is valued. It would look at how knowledge practices create imaginations and worlds, livable lives and disposable bodies. It would look at knowledge practices as infrastructural practices: the buildings we sit in, the trees we sit under, the food we consume as we learn, the statues we pass, the streets we walk on, and the names we associate with knowledge making and institution building. It would bridge the streets of Ferguson and the lecture halls of UCT.”
“That it might be possible to think of knowledge making and knowledge circulation as transformative practices, that we can continue to ask how structures and infrastructures of knowledge production make and unmake worlds and possibilities.”

From The New Inquiry


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