Taking a Cat Photo Approach to History

Taking a Cat Photo Approach to History

by Dale Lately

“That was a lie we told ourselves. Perhaps we need to recognize that viral news isn’t really “news” at all, but more like collective therapy—it’s a show of feeling and fellowship, rather than an attempt to describe reality.”
“These gestures are more meaningful than we think. Just as Google “filter-bubbles” our search results to cushion us with results that match our pre-existing beliefs, we too create a bubble around us with our likes and shares—a cushion of confirmation bias that reinforces the opinions we already hold. It’s comforting to reduce complex events to “inspirational” photos. It’s a cat photo approach to history.

Choosing what to remember means also choosing what to forget. Collective amnesia can be a dangerous thing. And it takes more than a hug to cure that.”

From The Baffler


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