Anti-Vaxers Aren’t Stupid

Anti-Vaxers Aren’t Stupid

by Emma Green

” [To ‘scientists’] You are an intensely privileged group of people. You receive tremendous amounts of funding from the economic system, from the political system. You are revered. You have more cultural, social, and economic authority than probably any other group as a group, besides some very, very, very wealthy people. You guys are it. You possess the wheel of the largest and most powerful institution that’s ever existed—that’s modern science.

You’re the hegemon. When you forget that and think, ‘Oh, I’m just this embattled scientist, constantly under fire,’ it’s like, yeah, I understand that you’re being harassed, but it’s because you have so much power and authority. ”

” “Vaccinology has nothing to learn from anti-vaxers,” Largent said to me after the session. “But medicine is an art, not a science. Engaging with anti-vaxers may help you understand how to do medicine better.” ”

From The Atlantic


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