Issues when the concepts of “Race”, “Human identity” and “Genetic variations” collide

On Human Genetic Variation and Human Identity

by Kambiz Kamrani

The Concept of Race

by Tasha Spawn

Race As A Social Construct

by Emanuel L Lusca

Race Is A Social Construct

by Kambiz Kamrani

Taking race out of human genetics

by Michael Yudell, Dorothy Roberts, Rob DeSalle, Sarah Tishkoff

“Scientific journals and professional societies should encourage use of terms like “ancestry” or “population” to describe human groupings in genetic studies and should require authors to clearly define how they are using such variables. It is preferable to refer to geographic ancestry, culture, socioeconomic status, and language, among other variables, depending on the questions being addressed, to untangle the complicated relationship between humans, their evolutionary history, and their health. Some have shown that substituting such terms for race changes nothing if the underlying racial thinking stays the same (22, 23). But language matters, and the scientific language of race has a considerable influence on how the public (which includes scientists) understands human diversity (24). We are not the first to call for change on this subject. But, to date, calls to rationalize the use of concepts in the study of human genetic diversity, particularly race, have been implemented only in a piecemeal and inconsistent fashion, which perpetuates ambiguity of the concept and makes sustained change unfeasible (16). Having journals rationalize the use of classificatory terminology in studying human genetic diversity would force scientists to clarify their use and would allow researchers to understand and interpret data across studies. It would help avoid confusing, inconsistent, and contradictory usage of such terms.”
“…the use of biological concepts of race in human genetic research…is problematic at best and harmful at worst.”

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